New Orleans – Sights and Attractions

The largest city of Louisiana State, New Orleans is a city that simply abounds in beauty. Nestled around the curving River Mississippi, the metropolis is known as a hub for culture, music and cuisine. New Orleans is a pulsating destination that has the best of attractions to keep travelers hooked. The city is visited by travelers from various parts of the word throughout the year. (more…)

Quebec – Festival Province

Quebec is known for its huge number of festivals that are held every year. There are more than four hundred festivals that are held in the region in one year, and these span a whole range of themes and reasons for celebrations. All of these are celebrated in different ways and attract tourists from all over the world. There are a huge number of different festivals that are of interest to almost every body that has a hobby or an interest. (more…)

Things to do in Seattle

Downtown Seattle’s core is like a mix of cultures- combining everything that makes the city work. Boutique shops and flagship department stores mix it up with government and finance offices. Buildings constructed during the Gold Rush are right next door to 21st century architecture. (more…)

Things to do in Lake Tahoe

Beginning in late autumn and continuing through the winter and spring, the Sierra Nevada mountain region becomes a winter wonderland. Snow is measured in feet, not inches, and a normal winter will see accumulations of 30 to 40 feet in the higher elevations. Winter can last up to six months in the mountains, which is great news for winter sports enthusiasts. The temperatures stay relatively mild, usually above freezing during the day and only dropping into the 20s at night. During most days, the sun shines and adds the perfect finishing touch to the ideal winter vacation. (more…)

Festivals in Gran Canaria

Some people come to the island not because of the sun and beaches, but to watch the festivals in Gran Canaria. Even if you are not one of those, check the dates of these festivals, as it could be an amazing adventure on your vacation.

These are the main festivals in Gran Canaria: (more…)

Hanoi Top Tourist Attractions

The continent of Asia doles out a surprise every second, and is a land of pleasant delights every moment. Hanoi in Vietnam is one land in Asia which is very akin to this history of surprising the tourist. This is a lovely land of ancient traditions and colourful culture. The second largest Vietnamese city this is a place that was eclipsed by Hue, and was the major political hub of this erstwhile royal country. Hanoi was also the French Indochina capital from the years 1902 to 1954 and then till 1976. (more…)

Melbourne Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

Visit Australia and enjoy the pleasures of a lovely destination in this part of the world. Come to Melbourne the capital of Victoria and enjoy the vibrance and culture here coupled with the fine wine and dine experiences.

Ensure that you go round the city and experience the pleasures of a greater land filled with the sights of the River Yaara and the St. Kilda Beach. Victoria is a destination where you get to see the most spectacular sights and the most fascinating travel delights. (more…)

Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

Visit Jakarta the Indonesian capital and the entry for the tourists who visit this part of the world only to get the most cherishable experiences. Anytime you plan to visit this lovely and fascinating travel destination just pack your bags and let your travel juices flow here.

With the innumerable hotels available here, Jakarta is a place where you would find the most interesting sights and the most magnificent travel experiences. (more…)

Traveling to Papua New Guinea

Traveling here in the beautiful land of Papua New Guinea is a very interesting and exciting experience. There is not much infrastructure for tourism available here and it feels as if you are stepping into a fairy land. Travellers find this place a very exciting and adventurous destination. This is one travel experience that would make your tours very memorable. The main island of Bougainville is a great experience. the natural beauty here and the absolute scenic ambience here makes tours greatly interesting and very charismatic. Papua New Guinea is the eastern part of the new island of New Guinea. It has many mammals living here and there are many frogs and birds that are found here. Papua New Guinea is a wet and is very mountainous. Papua New Guinea has kangaroos climbing the rainforest terrain. (more…)

Top 10 things to do in Moscow

Moscow is an enchanting city to be in being the most expensive city in the world and according to some polls the most unfriendly city on the planet. Now we don’t know to whom those people spoke to but we made friends to last a lifetime here.

Resisted the urges of tucking in to the most expensive cups of exquisite coffee and spotting the rich and the fabulous can be a hobby here with again the most number of billionaires on the globe. For accommodation try We even ended up in a night club which not surprisingly was also named as ‘the most’. (more…)