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How to Get from Vienna to Switzerland’s Top Ski Destinations

Vienna has numerous things going for it: some of the most beautiful architecture of the past, rich history, impressive museums, good food and a plenty of activities in the form of concerts, parties and clubs, for those interested in more intense options. (more…)

Festivals in Gran Canaria

Some people come to the island not because of the sun and beaches, but to watch the festivals in Gran Canaria. Even if you are not one of those, check the dates of these festivals, as it could be an amazing adventure on your vacation.

These are the main festivals in Gran Canaria: (more…)

Top 10 things to do in Moscow

Moscow is an enchanting city to be in being the most expensive city in the world and according to some polls the most unfriendly city on the planet. Now we don’t know to whom those people spoke to but we made friends to last a lifetime here.

Resisted the urges of tucking in to the most expensive cups of exquisite coffee and spotting the rich and the fabulous can be a hobby here with again the most number of billionaires on the globe. For accommodation try We even ended up in a night club which not surprisingly was also named as ‘the most’. (more…)

Exploring Andros

The incredible red soil of Andros seems to make absolutely everything glow red sienna at sunset, particularly on the northern heights, a region which was settled centuries and centuries ago by a group of orthodox Albanians – now their small and basic huts of stone are contrasted starkly with the red tiles and whitewash of the other, more affluent and wealthy villages. The farmland remains divided up by the carefully and painstakingly constructed walls of stone, the frakhtes that are unusual because of the triangular slate patterns incorporated into their designs. (more…)